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Our history

Our history

As one of the nation’s premier civil society organizations, NAAU is dedicated to helping people in need throughout the Uganda and, in association with other organizations, throughout the world. We depend on various contributions from the Ugandan public and foreign donations to support our lifesaving services and programs.

NAAU was founded in 2010 as an effort to promote and direct social, economic, and environmental change in Uganda through activism that tries to persuade people to change their behavior directly, rather than persuade government to change its character or laws.

Our persuasion as an organization is that of a non-violent player firmly glued to the belief that once the people are armed with correct and relevant information, they will determine their destiny no matter how long it takes. Provision of relevant and adequate information to the public is the main pre-occupation of NAAU.

All outreach communication channels including social media that can deliver information to professionals, laborers, farmers, traders, students, industrialists, merchants, civil society workers, politicians, and other categories of people are employed.

Today, the supporters, volunteers and employees of NAAU provide compassionate care in four critical areas:

  • Democracy and good governance
  • Health and safety education and training
  • Promotion of quality education
  • Environmental sustainability










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